How to enter

The EGA Aluminium Design Challenge is a chance for creative students to use their STEM skills to compete for prizes.

Submissions must be made online at

The deadline for submissions is 23:59 (+4 GMT) on 13 January 2019.


Submission guidelines:

  • A brief description of your entry on the submission page (up to 300 words)
  • A detailed project portfolio is to be submitted based on the template provided at the Required forms page. Simply download the portfolio for your chosen theme. The portfolio must be limited to 10 pages maximum
  • Project file type options: PDF, or pptx (Non Editable format)
  • Upload at least one (but no more than ten) visual illustrations. Scanned images of sketches are acceptable. The visual illustration(s) should complement your entry description and can be drawings, photos, charts, or CAD images


Image and model specifications:

  • File Formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, stl
  • Image size should not exceed 2500 x 2500 pixel
  • Minimum image width is 1000px. Maximum file size 5 MB
  • 3D models submitted must be submitted in .stl format. In case the file size is bigger than 25 mb, provide a link to an online folder with all permissions
  • No blank spaces in file name. EG: designteam01.jpg


Video submission specifications:

It is recommended that every participating team create a two-minute video of your team and your project to supplement your submission. The video can be uploaded in a YouTube account (with private viewing). The mentor or coach of each team must be the rightful owner of the e-mail address registered with the YouTube account for the video submission. Only the e-mail address used to register for the competition can be used. The video must:

  • Be no longer than two (2) minutes in length
  • Be submitted in one the formats that YouTube accepts. Any other formats submitted and/or exceeding the time limit will be disqualified
  • Must be the team member’s original idea. Also, the submission will not be excluded merely because another submission has a similar idea


Illustration submission specifications:

An illustration or pictorial representation of your idea is required. This image should clearly communicate the team's design solution.

Acceptable file type include PDF, GIF, JPEG, or PNG. The visual illustration(s) should complement your entry description and can come in the form of drawings, photos, charts, or CAD images. 


Link to important documents:
Download important documents such as the challenge manual and portfolio templates at our Required forms page.

Tips for design thinking:

The best submissions clearly and concisely cover the following points and are accompanied by an illustration that complements the text: 

  • Identify a problem that you can solve
  • Potential benefits of your design submission
  • Follows the design thinking process to problem solving
  • Level of creativity and innovation of your design
  • Uses aluminium as core component
  • Uses aluminium properties efficiently in the design

The best design ideas will serve the public good by:

  • Improving the use of aluminium in its major sectors like construction, transportation, packaging and art
  • Improving lifestyle and quality of end users
  • Improving public safety and security
  • Creating aesthetic and smart aluminium usage
  • Creating sustainable and environment friendly designs


Judging criteria:

The winning teams must meet the following criteria for their category:

Futuristic Transportation

The transportation submission will be assessed for accuracy and aesthetics.

  • Vehicle shape plan, exhibiting the vehicle’s exterior
  • Ergonomics of seating and control
  • Chassis design
  • Vehicle component and space for seats
  • Safety considerations

Architectural Marvel

The architectural marvel can be buildings, bridges, superstructures, or monument. It must include aesthetics as well as serves the purpose.

  • Architectural sketches
  • Structural function
  • Structural stability
  • Accessibility
  • Aesthetics

Kinetic Art
The use of energy from natural elements is of high importance in this category. Successful applicants should use concepts aligned with concepts of science, technology, engineer, maths and art.

  • Physical requirements of the product should be well defined
  • Aesthetics must be clear
  • What natural element is used to power the art?

Human Relief Packaging

Winning submissions in this category will be defined by keen attention to purpose and excellent use of materials.

  • The practicality of packaging
  • Shelf life of product is improved with the packaging
  • The packaging addresses the needs of the user
  • Packaging highlights the overall theme of the category by using the right colours, visual metaphors, textures, materials and word choice


Guide for teachers (and students)

Use the Teacher Support Guide as a reference. The guide can be integrated into any design and technology curriculum, STEM clubs, after-school programs or innovation programs. Additionally, the teacher can mentor the team using the Teacher Support Guide. Interested students may also make use of the guide in order to complete the design portfolio. The design template portfolio can be found among resources at our About page.

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