Alert: Beware of fraudulent websites and phishing scams. Learn more.

Fraud warning

Fraud warning

Beware of fraudulent websites and phishing scams. Fraudsters sometimes impersonate major companies by telephone or online to gather personal or financial data with the intention of committing crimes. This can include creating fake social media accounts or websites that look like a company’s official channels.

Emirates Global Aluminium never solicits financial information from individuals. We never ask for payments from potential recruits during any recruitment process, nor are our recruitment agents authorised to do so. EGA does not offer shares in our company for purchase, either ourselves or through any other organisation.

Our official websites are,, and We are not connected with the hosts of any other websites that may look similar to our official websites.

If you receive any suspicious messages or notice any suspicious websites, please report them to your local law enforcement authority.

EGA takes allegations of unethical conduct by our employees or suppliers very seriously, including bribery and corruption, or the exercise of undue influence. If you have any suspicions of this nature, they can be raised confidentially and for free through our global reporting line. Details of how to report are here.