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CelestiAL solar aluminium

Producing aluminium using the power of the sun

Emirates Global Aluminium is the first company in the world to produce aluminium commercially using the power of the sun. We market this metal under the product name CelestiAL. Producing aluminium is energy intensive, and generating electricity accounts for some 60 per cent of the global aluminium industry’s greenhouse gas emissions. The use of solar power significantly reduces the emissions associated with aluminium smelting.

Aluminium is lightweight, strong and infinitely recyclable. These properties mean that as a material it plays a vital global role in the development of a sustainable future. However, it also matters how sustainably aluminium is made.

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gas emissions

Producing aluminium requires large amounts of electricity, and generating it can create significant greenhouse gas emissions. CelestiAL, aluminium, made in the UAE with solar power, helps make modern life possible for people around the world whilst protecting our planet for future generations.

Solar power is supplied by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), which operates the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in the desert outside Dubai. The solar park has a current installed capacity of 1,013 Megawatts using photovoltaic solar panels.

Solar park

DEWA is currently implementing an additional 1,850 Megawatts of capacity expansion projects at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park using Photovoltaic Solar Panels and Concentrated Solar Power. Eventually, this capacity will reach 5,000MW by 2030.

Solar power is transmitted to EGA via Dubai’s electricity grid and is tracked and traced through the use of the International Renewable Energy Certification system. This ensures that the energy used to produce EGA’s CelestiAL solar aluminium has been sourced from the sun.