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The corporate slogan we used in the 1970s was ‘Metal for the World, Water for Dubai’.

Heat generated at our power plant in Jebel Ali is used to run a desalination plant that is capable of producing up to 30 million gallons (136,000 cubic metres) of water per day.

EGA still supplies about 1.5 per cent of Dubai’s water demand, as well as supplying other customers and meeting our own water needs.  

Our Jebel Ali desalination plant was the first in the world to implement a ClO2 disinfection system for potable water, which minimises the risk of producing potentially harmful byproducts which are associated with older disinfection methods.

Customers for potable water are supplied either through pipelines or via a dedicated tanker filling station located outside our Jebel Ali site.

At Jebel Ali we also produce high purity distilled water.

Uses of this product by our customers include food processing, perfumeries, and feed water for boilers.

Distilled water is supplied to customers through pipelines and to tankers directly at our desalination plant.
EGA also runs a smaller desalination plant at our Al Taweelah site but solely to produce water required for our own local industrial processes.