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We believe that good ethics are the foundation of good business. Unethical behaviour can severely damage the trust stakeholders place in an organisation and compromise its ability to meet its objectives.

We are committed to embedding ethical practices throughout our business and seek to build mutual trust with our customers, suppliers and communities by working honestly and ethically.

We promote the idea that everyone is responsible for fostering an ethical culture within Emirates Global Aluminium.

Embedding ethical practice

EGA implements a risk-based ethics and compliance programme reflecting the specific challenges encountered in the countries and industries in which we operate. We apply the same standards across all areas and geographies and continue to look for ways to improve how we detect, prevent and respond to compliance issues

Our in-house legal, ethics and business integrity department implements EGA’s compliance programme and oversees the identification of compliance risks and associated controls across all of our operations.



Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics is our guide to ethical conduct defined by our values. Our Code of Ethics applies to everyone at every level of EGA and explains what it means to us to act with integrity in our workplace and world.

Click here to view our Code of Ethics.

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

We take anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance seriously. Bribery not only undermines the rule of law and the principles of free and fair competition, but also has a stifling effect on businesses and commerce.

Regular risk assessments are a key part of an effective compliance programme and all of our operations have been assessed for risks related to bribery and corruption.

Responsible sourcing

An effective supply chain is essential to the competitiveness of our business. Responsible sourcing is a key commitment of our core policy which directly references the requirement for EGA’s suppliers to adhere to our values and sign up to our Responsible Sourcing Standards or provide comparable assurances.

Our Responsible Sourcing Standards detail the commitments we require of our suppliers in relation to human rights, environmental performance, conflict free minerals, health and safety, workplace integrity including anti-corruption and bribery, harassment, discrimination and worker welfare.

Each year, we actively evaluate a select number of active suppliers to ensure continued adherence to our Responsible Sourcing Standards. But we are always looking for improvements that we can make. Short term, we are planning to expand the level of assessment amongst our supply chain partners, whilst also providing further guidance on our level of expectation. Long-term, we will be establishing clear preferences for suppliers certified against recognised third-party sustainability standards, such as ASI.

Click here to view EGA Responsible Sourcing Standard.