Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”) is a 50/50 jointly venture company held by Mubadala Development Company of Abu Dhabi and the Investment Corporation of Dubai. EGA is an aluminium conglomerate with interests in bauxite/alumina and primary aluminium smelting; with plans for significant local growth and international expansion.


EGA’s core operating assets are Dubai Aluminium (“DUBAL”) and Emirates Aluminium (“EMAL”) – whose combined annual production is 2.4 million tonnes per annum (“tpa”), making EGA the fifth largest aluminium producer in the world. Both companies are renowned for maximizing the health and safety of people and the surrounding community, reducing operational environmental impact and investing in social and economic development.

DUBAL’s Jebel Ali operation – comprising a 1 million tpa smelter, a 2,350 MW power station and other facilities – is one of the world’s largest single-site primary aluminium producers. Commissioned in 1979, DUBAL celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2014. A relatively new smelter development, EMAL’s Al Taweelah operation, built in two phases, is another of the world’s largest single-site primary aluminium producers. Following the completion of Phase II mid-2014, EMAL has an annual hot metal production capacity of 1.3 million tpa, powered by a 3,100 MW power station.

The combined DUBAL-EMAL portfolio comprises high quality aluminium products in three main forms: re-melt ingot (foundry for automotive applications and high purity aluminium for electronics and aerospace); billet (use for construction, industrial, transportation and automotive purposes); and slab ingot (for lithographic sheets, food and beverage packaging, and the automotive industry). Most of EGA’s annual production is value-added products; with more than 90 per cent of total production being exported across the world. The company’s key markets are Asia, the Middle East and North Africa region, Europe and the Americas.

DUBAL’s in-house developed, proprietary reduction cell technologies, DX Technology and DX+ Technology (operating at 385 kA and 450 kA respectively), currently rank among the best-in-class. DX Technology is operating at industrial scale at DUBAL (40 cells) and EMAL Phase I (756 cells); while DX+ Technology has been installed at EMAL Phase II (444 cells).


EGA also owns Guinea Alumina Corporation (“GAC”), a project to develop an alumina refinery and associated bauxite mine in Guinea (West Africa). Other upstream opportunities will be investigated in Africa, Asia and South America.