Our lives would be very different without aluminium. It is thanks to the metal of the future that we live in great cities, can make instant connections and more. At Emirates Global Aluminium, we produce one in every 25 tonnes of aluminium made worldwide. 

EGA was the world’s largest ‘premium aluminium’ producer in 2017. The development of EGA since the 1970s has taken the UAE from no aluminium production to the fifth largest aluminium-producing country in the world.

EGA’s operations at Al Taweelah in Abu Dhabi and Jebel Ali in Dubai are some of the largest industrial sites in the UAE. We are also developing an alumina refinery in the UAE and a bauxite mine in the Republic of Guinea.

For nearly 40 years, EGA has played a major role in the industrialisation and economic diversification of the UAE. Our product is the second largest made-in-the-UAE export and we are the heart of the broader UAE aluminium sector.

EGA has focused on innovation for over 25 years. We have used our own technology in every smelter expansion since the 1990s. In 2016 we became the first UAE industrial company to licence our process technology internationally.

EGA directly and indirectly creates tens of thousands of jobs in the UAE and internationally. We have focused on the development of our people for decades.

EGA aspires to be measured amongst the world’s most responsible metals and mining companies in everything we do. In 2017, EGA became the first Middle East headquartered company to join the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative.

Aluminium makes modern life possible, from the smartphone in your hand, to the plane you fly in, to the buildings where you live and work.