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Competition themes

Aluminium makes modern life possible, from the smartphone in your hand, to the plane you fly in, to the buildings where you live and work.

In the EGA Aluminium Design & Innovation Challenge, participants can choose to work on any of the following four themes reflecting just some of the uses of this versatile metal.

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Sustainable mobility - powered by BMW Group Middle East

People around the world are in an unstoppable need to move around. We need to get to new destinations, goods need to be delivered, and services have to be completed. There are multiple factors that affect our ease of mobility, from infrastructure such as bridges and paved streets, to different types of vehicles.

How can we make mobility more sustainable using aluminium?


The buildings in which we live and work define our lives. We must design them to  protect us from the weather while minimising their own impact on the environment.  Climate change is increasing the frequency of unpredictable weather, and we need to focus on adaptation as well as mitigating the worst impacts by reducing global emissions.  

How can we design and build structures to withstand rising temperatures and keep us cool, incorporating aluminium?

Product design

Travelling in a plane or a car, studying at school, or being comfortably at home, aluminium is always nearby. Its unique properties allow it to be used in a wide range of products we use every day.

How can we use aluminium to make a new product used in every day modern life?

Green solutions

There are many solutions that make our lives easier but are harmful to the environment because we use them just once and throw them away. The UAE has taken steps to achieve a balance between convenience and responsibility, such as discouraging single-use plastic carrier bags.

How can we use aluminium to create green solutions that make our lives easier whilst minimising our impact on the environment? 

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