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Competition themes

Aluminium makes modern life possible in countless ways. In the EGA Aluminium Design Challenge there are four themes or categories, which reflect just some of the uses of this versatile metal.

Teams should enter just one category by 13 January 2019. For more information, visit our How to enter page.


Futuristic transportation

Aluminium makes travel possible, from cars to trains to planes and even into space. Being light and strong, aluminium is an ideal material for building fuel-efficient, safe and beautiful vehicles.  Design an innovative transportation solution for use in the air, on water or on the road with aluminium as a core component. 


RTA - Flying Taxis


Architectural marvel

Aluminium is used in many ways in modern cities, including in the tall buildings that define our skylines. Aluminium is one of the most energy efficient and sustainable construction materials. Building the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, required aluminium equivalent in weight to  five A380 aircraft.Create structurally-sound innovative architecture using aluminium.


Burj Khalifa


Kinetic art

Aluminium is a beautiful, malleable metal that can be used to create incredible art. Design artistic and innovative Kinetic art which makes use of natural elements such as sunlight, wind, and water. Aluminium should be the core element used and the limits are only defined by you.


Kinetic Sculptures


Humanitarian relief packaging

Aluminium plays an important role in packaging, keeping food, medicines and other products fresh, clean and healthy to consume. According to the World Health Organisation, 30 per cent of food in developing countries perishes due to the lack of quality packaging. Packaging saves ten times more waste than it creates, and one of aluminium’s attributes as a material for packaging is that it is recyclable. Design innovative and efficient packaging for foods, liquids or any other material required to meet humanitarian needs. 


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