About The EGA Aluminum Design and Innovation Challenge 2022-2023

What is The EGA Aluminum Design and Innovation Challenge? 

It is a UAE wide design and innovation challenge for secondary school students, where they apply the design thinking process to create solutions using Aluminium for global challenges. Through participating in this challenge, students will learn more about Aluminium and design innovative solutions on four selected themes.

What are the themes for The Aluminum Design and Innovation Challenge? 

The four themes are:

  1. Sustainable mobility
  2. Architecture
  3. Green solutions
  4. Product design

How many stages are there in The EGA Aluminum Design and Innovation Challenge?

There are two stages in The EGA Aluminum Design and Innovation Challenge. 

  1. The first stage is an online application in which teams submit their designs on an online portal. Judges will shortlist five teams per theme to be  joining the final event.
  2. The second stage, 20 shortlisted finalists will attend a final event in March 2023 to present a physical prototype of their designs, where one winner and one runner up will be chosen per theme.

What constitutes a team?

A team should include one coach/mentor and a minimum of three and maximum of four students as team members.

Is there an age limit on the challenge?

Yes, only high school students from grades 9 through 12, in the academic year 2022-2023 can participate in the challenge.

Is there a fee for participating in The EGA Aluminium Design and Innovation Challenge?

No, there is no fee for participating in the challenge. It’s FREE of charge for the students and the schools.

Registering for the Challenge

Can my team submit multiple submissions of different themes?

No, a team can make only one submission in The EGA Aluminium Design and Innovation Challenge. 

Can my school have multiple submissions of the same themes?

Yes, a school can have multiple submissions in The EGA Aluminum Design and Innovation Challenge done by different teams, either for the same theme or different themes. 

How do I register for the Challenge?

You can register for the challenge online through https://ega.awardsplatform.com/

Can I register individually and not as a representative of my school?

No, only students studying in a school in the United Arab Emirates are allowed to register and all team members should be attending the same school.

How do I change or add a team member after registering the team?

Team members can be changed only once after the registration  is completed. The team mentor/coach must send an email to stem-ega@edutech.com  with the details of the changes required. Your team size should be a minimum of three and a maximum of four students.

Prizes and Certificates

What are the prizes?

During the final event in March 2023, one winning team for each theme will be awarded AED 15,000 cash prize.
The runner-up team for each theme receives a cash prize of AED 10,000. 

Will the participating teams receive certificates?

Yes, all the teams submitting entries for the online stage will receive  participatory certificates, and the shortlisted 20 finalist teams will receive  finalist’s certificates.
Post the final event, the winning team members will receive a winner’s certificate.
Post the final event, the runner-up team members will receive a runner-up certificate.

Judging and Selection

Who are the Judges? 

Judges are experts in the theme they evaluate.

On what basis will the teams get shortlisted for the final event?

A theme based rubrics will be used by the judges to evaluate the teams. 

Five teams from each of the four themes, a total of 20 teams will be shortlisted to proceed to the next stage which is the final event.

How is the final event judged?

The final event is judged based on the ability of transforming the online design idea into a physical prototype. Creativity and innovation in making the prototype, and presentation skills will be critically considered as well. 


Can I send my design files or portfolio via email?

No, you cannot send your submissions by email. All the registration and submission process must be completed online through  https://ega.awardsplatform.com/

In case your portfolio file exceeded 70mb, use Dropbox or other file share programs and post the shared link in the submission page.

Can I send my project portfolio in any other language other than English?

No, the only accepted language for submission is English.

Will I get acknowledged that my submission has been accepted?

Yes, provided that you have included an official working email address, you will receive a confirmation email saying that your application has been received. If there is a large number of participants, this may take a while and you will be informed as soon as possible. 

Can I withdraw my submission and entry to the design and innovation challenge?

Yes, you can withdraw your application before the submission closes. Please send an email with the details to stem-ega@edutech.com

How should the project portfolio be presented in the final round? 

The shortlisted teams will receive a prototyping kit during an in-person bootcamp. The teams should use the contents of the kit to create a physical prototype of the design idea they have submitted.  Each team will be given a display space in the final event to showcase and present their prototype to the judges and visitors.

Will my team receive a prototyping kit if shortlisted but was not able to attend the bootcamp?

Yes, Teams who could not make it to the bootcamp will get their prototyping kit delivered to the school.


Is there any support provided to prepare for participating in the challenge?

Yes, a Bootcamp will be conducted in December, 2022. Venue and date will be announced shortly.

By attending this bootcamp students will gain expertise in creating physical prototypes and participate in a design thinking workshop.

Should all team members attend the bootcamp together?

No, all or a few team members could attend the bootcamp. The attending members are expected to pass the important information learned during the bootcamp to their absent team members.

What should my project portfolio look like? Which kind of images should I submit?

A project portfolio template for each theme has been provided on https://ega.awardsplatform.com/. The teams can complete the project portfolio and upload it in the submissions section.  A minimum of one and a maximum of 3 images relevant to the project, sketched or designed in CAD by the team should be attached in the submission section. 

What is the finalists briefing session? Can I attend the briefing session if I'm not shortlisted in the finals?

The finalists briefing session is for shortlisted finalists who will attend the final event. The hands-on workshop will help the finalists prepare and present project portfolios as well as physical prototypes in the final event. Only shortlisted finalists are invited to attend the session. which will take place during the bootcamp.

Where do I find the project portfolio template? 

You can find project portfolio template of each theme at https://ega.awardsplatform.com/

Are there any resources available to help to promote The EGA Aluminium Design and Innovation Challenge as well as to spread knowledge about Aluminium in my school? 

Yes, you can use the challenge manual, the mentor’s support guide and visit the website. 

Who receives a prototyping kit and when? 

Each of the shortlisted finalist teams will receive a prototyping kit during the bootcamp in January, 2023. 

What does the prototyping kit contain and can we request additional materials?

The list of materials in the prototyping kit is included in the challenge manual. You cannot request additional materials, but can request an exchange of materials in case they are damaged. Please make your request through registered email ID to stem-ega@edutech.com

You can source your own stationery items apart from the item included in the prototyping kit and use them. 

Can we have more than one mentor for the project?

Yes, teams may have more than one mentor/coach to guide them through the challenge, but should have one main mentor who is responsible for taking you through the design and innovation challenge. The main mentor/coach will be our main point of contact through the registered email ID on the challenge website. 

How many hours should we allocate to prepare submissions for The EGA Aluminuim Design and Innovation Challenge? 

For a team of four students, we expect 8 to 10 hours to prepare for the project portfolio.

Are there specific dimensions for the prototype?

Yes, the model should be limited to 0.5m in length, width, and height. 

Can I attend the sessions in the fabrication labs if my team is not shortlisted?

No, only the 20 shortlisted teams will be eligible to get access to the fabrication labs.        

Am I allowed to visit the fabrication lab multiple times?

No, qualified teams will attend only ONE session per week in the designated fabrication labs.     

Do I have to pay any fees to use the fabrication lab facilities?

No, the use of the lab utilities will be free of charge for the shortlisted teams.

Can I use additional materials for creating my prototype from the fabrication labs?

No, you are only allowed to use the machines in the fabrication labs. The use of materials is limited to what you get provided with in the prototyping kit during the bootcamp.

When are the fabrication lab visits going to take place? and where?

The assigned dates and locations will be announced during the bootcamp. There are three locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. 

Should all of my team members attend the fabrication lab sessions?

All teams have the freedom to choose how many members they would like to attend the fabrication lab session.


Will I get technical support to complete my project proposal? 

No, however you can join the bootcamp to get assistance regarding design thinking, project proposals, and prototype preparation and presenting at the final event. 

Will participants have to bear the cost of traveling to the final event venue? 

Yes,, participants or their schools will bear the cost of traveling to the final event venue which will be inside the UAE.

I am unable to upload my entry. I keep getting an error every time. Please help.

We are always ready to help if such a situation occurs. Please email us at stem-ega@edutech.com, indicating the issue and we will help you figure out a way to submit your idea.

What if I have more questions?

In case of any queries, please contact us at stem-ega@edutech.com