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Meet Tarek Al Sabouni, and discover the steps he took towards becoming a UAE aluminium innovator.

Tarek Al Sabouni

Tarek specializes in metallic and composite structures, including aluminium. After receiving his higher diploma and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License when he was 21, he proceeded to apply for a top-up programme sponsored by Emirates to acquire his bachelor’s degree from Kingston University, UK.

Today he is a Technical Solutions Executive working on some of the biggest aircraft in the world, and one of the youngest in his field.

“As a child, I would often take apart my battery-operated cars and put them back together. When it came to aircraft engineering, it was even more fascinating that such a huge machine could just take of from the ground.”

Together, innovating aluminium 
to make modern life possible

Aluminium is among the world’s most versatile metals, and our global customers transform it into products that make modern life possible – from smartphones and building materials to food packaging and car parts.

Four per cent of the world’s aluminium production or almost half of the aluminium produced in the Gulf Cooperation Council, is made by us. That means approximately one in every 25 tonnes of aluminium is UAE-made.

“The proudest moment in my career is one that I remember vividly. During my apprenticeship we built an aircraft from scratch. A real two-seater propeller aircraft. It had nearly 11,000 pieces.”

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