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EGA Ramp-Up

EGA Ramp-Up brought to you by Emirates Global Aluminium, powered by C3, aims to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs, whose businesses will grow the economy and create opportunities for the community.

EGA Ramp-Up

As a programme from the largest industrial company in the United Arab Emirates outside oil and gas, EGA Ramp-Up has a particular focus on entrepreneurs whose business ideas are related to the application of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to innovative solutions to progress sustainability within various sectors.

Start-ups that reach the final stage of the programme, and are aligned with EGA’s strategic objectives, are assessed for their eligibility to receive funding from EGA. They are also considered in EGA’s procurement processes.

EGA Ramp-Up is powered by C3 – Companies Creating Change. C3 is a UAE-based social enterprise supporting entrepreneurs in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey to unlock their growth potential and maximise their positive impact on the community and the environment. With the support of C3’s network of trainers, experts, investors and alumni, C3 enables impact-driven startups to become active agents of change.

The programme is under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Economy to support EGA in fostering a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem in the UAE.


The programme


Online courses

Virtual sessions to learn the fundamentals of impact entrepreneurship.


Start-up workshops

Supporting UAE-based founders as they progress their journey towards entrepreneurship, and maximise their economic, social or environmental impact.


Mentoring support

One-to-one support for the most promising entrepreneurs.


Financial rewards

Opportunity to receive financial rewards and collaborate with EGA.

EGA Ramp-Up: benefits


Receive training and practical support


Access a network of experts and mentors


Access market opportunities


Potential to receive funding

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The journey:

Express your interest

Provide us with some high-level information about yourself and register your interest to attend the live online courses introducing impact entrepreneurship.

Once you fill in the short form, you will receive a confirmation email and will subsequently be invited to the online courses.

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The journey:

Help us get to know you better

Provide us with more details about your founding team, your start-up and your commitment to take part in the EGA Ramp-Up programme. As you wait for the programme’s selection results, make sure not to miss out the live online courses!

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The journey:

Take the C3 Growth Predictor Test

You will receive an email for you to complete the C3 Growth Predictor Test right after the application deadline. The test has been uniquely designed by C3 to assess start-ups’ growth potential based on a self-assessment covering five key pillars.

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The journey:

Receive the cohort selection results and attend the start-up workshops

The EGA Ramp-Up team will use well-defined criteria to select the programme’s cohort, consisting of  UAE-based start-ups. Attending the start-up workshops is mandatory for all applicants who wish to be considered for mentoring support.

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The journey:

Compete to take part in the final part of the programme

The cohort of shortlisted start-ups will be requested to submit an updated pitch deck and pitch video. Deliverables will be reviewed and assessed by our experts, who will interview the founders and select start-ups to take part in the mentoring stage and potentially receive funding from EGA.

Interested in applying in the EGA Ramp-Up programme?

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