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Primary aluminium

Emirates Global Aluminium’s product range includes 370 individual products that are made to customer specifications and most of our aluminium is allocated to customers a year in advance.

The average purity of EGA’s aluminium in 2016 was 99.90 per cent, one of the highest average purities of any aluminium company.

Certain pots at our Jebel Ali site produce aluminium with an exceptionally high purity of 99.96 per cent, which is used in specialist aviation and electronics applications.

EGA produces amongst the highest volume of value added products – or ‘premium aluminium’ - of any company.   This means that EGA is a global industry leader in creating additional value from its primary aluminium.

Generally, value added products account for about  80 per cent of our output. This is one of the highest proportions of any company producing such products.

We have 20 casting stations at our smelters in Jebel Ali and Al Taweelah, which gives us significant flexibility to make the products that our customers require to meet their market needs.

We not only supply our customers with the exact aluminium they need, we also help them understand what they need and advise them how they can get the best out of their metal.

EGA works on innovative projects with customers and academics to develop new alloys and enable better understanding of the mechanical properties of existing alloys.

Our technical experts also advise customers, at their request, on the best and most cost-effective alloys to meet their mechanical requirements.

We work with customers to help them improve their own manufacturing processes as and when required and we use our expertise in aluminium to help customers understand their manufacturing challenges and how to overcome them.