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Suggestion scheme

Getting employees' ideas and gaining their involvement is extremely important and crucial for EGA in arapidly changing and increasingly competitive environment. To be competitive in the market it is mandatory for us to involve our employees not just with their hands, but with the ideas that is generated from everyone in the organisation.

The EGA Suggestion Scheme was introduced at EGA Jebel Ali (“DUBAL”)  in May 1981 with the simple intention of involving the most valuable asset of any organization - our people. Today, this highly successful programme is widely recognised regionally and internationally. It has become an integral part of the company’s continual improvement process.  The programme has also been operating successfully at EGA Al Taweelah (“EMAL”) since 2010.  

Moreover, the EGA Jebel Ali Suggestion Scheme pioneered employee involvement and played a lead role in establishing and supporting Ideas.Arabia under the aegis of Dubai Quality Group (“DQG”). 

The most important aim of the award-winning EGA Suggestion Scheme is to promote and encourage the involvement of employees in assisting the organisation to achieve its goals and thereby reap the benefits of employees’ initiative, abilities and resourcefulness.  The people, who work in our organisation are EGA’s most important asset and they will always be the source of creativity and innovation at the workplace.  By involving employees in the decision-making process in areas that affect their jobs, EGA aspires to give employees more control over how they perform their day to day jobs, which leads to greater motivation and commitment. 

All people have a creative side. All that is needed for these ideas to grow in a corporate environment is an appropriate mechanism within an organisation that pro-actively nurtures and manages the ideas presented by the employees. Since 1981, the employee involvement program at EGA has evolved into a wonderful platform for tapping the hidden creativity of our human resources. The Scheme has demonstrated that, by providing the right environment for our employees, significant improvements can be achieved in areas like Productivity, Environment, Health & Safety, Quality, Process, and many other areas.

Online Application

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