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Leichtmetall is a European producer of high-strength recycled aluminium and was acquired by Emirates Global Aluminium in 2024.

Production at the Leichtmetall plant in Hannover, Germany includes hard alloys and large diameter billets with high proportions of secondary aluminium.

Leichtmetall uses renewable energy to produce up to 30 thousand tonnes per year of aluminium billets with secondary aluminium as some 80 per cent of input material.

Leichtmetall is a market leader in high strength and larger diameter secondary aluminium billets for demanding applications.

Leichtmetall uses proprietary inductive melting technology, liquid metal treatment and casting processes developed over more than four decades.

Production mainly consists of hard alloy billets up to 1,150 millimetres in diameter, with uses including manufacturing high load bearing extruded profiles and very large forged components.

Leichtmetall has customers across Europe, and particularly in Germany, Italy and France.

Aluminium is infinitely-recyclable. Recycling aluminium requires 95 per cent less energy than making new metal, and results in a fraction of the greenhouse gas emissions of primary aluminium production.

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