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Trust is key

EGA sales manager and negotiator Mansoor Alboom on why patience and understanding help build deep customer partnerships.

Trust is earned when actions meet words. For Mansoor Alboom, that imperative pairing has been at the heart of more than a decade’s work at Emirates Global Aluminium in building deep customer partnerships.

Mansoor joined EGA in 2009 as a Graduate Trainee in the Marketing & Sales Department, and through playing a prominent role in EGA’s growth in Asian markets, has risen to Sales Manager for the region.

Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea – Mansoor has extensive experience of working in all of them – each have their own business cultures. Yet one thing unites all EGA customers worldwide.

“Trust is critical for both us and our customers,” says Mansoor. “Of course, the thing that we focus on first is earning trust as a reliable supplier,” says Mansoor, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates.

“And you build it by being really with them – at their offices and operations. That’s how you can create the mutual understanding required for a truly deep relationship.  

“But trust does not come easily – you don't just get it by default. Trust must be earned through action. That's something we really we focus on at EGA, also by providing technical expertise.”

Mansoor works with customers in automotive, electronics, construction, and aerospace, amongst others. As competition in these industries intensifies, and EGA customers grow ever more sophisticated, providing access to technical expertise is more valuable than ever.

“We have over 150 customers in Asia. Technical services are a differentiating factor within today’s market and will eventually become an industry norm. Working with customers on special requests, R&D and application development – these are all EGA strengths that customers appreciate.”

Trust is also built by consistency over time. At one family business in Asia, Mansoor is now doing business with the grandchild of the man EGA started the customer relationship with many years ago.

“I think that just shows how important building mutually-beneficial partnerships are,” he says. “They can last for decades.”

At EGA, maintaining – and strengthening – long-term relationships is a top priority. EGA is working towards becoming the most valued partner for key customers through deepening collaborations to grow demand for aluminium together, especially in the most attractive and rapidly growing global industries.

“Trust goes both ways, in developing partnerships and growing businesses together. You need a partner to grow – be that in a business environment or in your personal life.”

EGA has over 440 customers in more than 50 countries, and 75 per cent of the company’s customers have bought from EGA for more than 10 years.

Mansoor attributes EGA’s long-standing and impressive customer record to being “a partner who's very supportive to them, to their business, and who understands their needs”.

Increasingly, one of those needs is sustainability, and particularly lower carbon.

“We are all on this path together,” he says. “Our metal, made into semi-fabricated products by our customers, plays a key role in lowering the carbon footprint of cars for example. It also matters how sustainably that aluminium is made.

"One of our products, CelestiAL, is produced using the power of the sun. CelestiAL has attracted significant customers interest, given it helps make modern life possible for people around the world whilst protecting the planet for future generations.”

Before joining EGA, Mansoor worked in a bank, something he describes as “completely different – apart from one thing”.

“Whatever industry you work in, your success will be defined by how well you earn the trust of your customers.”