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Emirates Global Aluminium’s performance and growth is driven by our workforce, including local talent. We aim to Emiratise 40 per cent of in-focus positions, or positions that can feasibly be Emiratised, by 2020.

On a like-for-like basis, EGA already has one of the highest rates of Emiratisation of any major company.

We focus on attracting the most capable people and providing them with opportunities to develop themselves throughout their careers.

EGA’s Executive Committee is an example of this approach in action. Seven members of our Executive Committee, including EGA’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, originally joined the business as fresh graduates.

Typically, more than 100 graduate trainees are enrolled in our 18-month graduate training programmes at any time. These trainees then go on to occupy roles in the organisation.

Today we are working to replicate our success developing our people in the United Arab Emirates in the Republic of Guinea, where EGA is developing a bauxite mine and bauxite export facilities. EGA’s Guinea project is expected to create several thousand direct and indirect jobs, including approximately 650 positions in EGA’s subsidiary GAC.

As part of our commitment to talent development, EGA is seconding 200 Guineans to our operations in the UAE to prepare them for roles in GAC.