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Made in the UAE

EGA supplies metal to UAE companies that make parts for everything from skyscrapers to cars. Together, we make modern life possible, for the world, from the UAE.

Emirates Global Aluminium supplies almost all the United Arab Emirates' primary aluminium needs and is at the heart of a growing broader aluminium sector in our nation.

Today around 10 per cent of EGA’s total production is sold domestically, and some 26 UAE downstream companies use our metal to make products, from window frames to car parts.

EGA’s UAE customers are part of local and global supply chains for a range of industries and their made-in-the-UAE products become part of everything from high-rise buildings to metro systems and electrical vehicles.

Together with our customers, we are making modern life possible, for the world, from the UAE.

Watch the videos below to learn more about UAE companies using EGA’s metal to make products and infrastructure that we all rely on every day.

Ducab Aluminium Company: local production, global impact

Aluminium makes modern connections possible.  Ducab Aluminium Company uses EGA’s metal to make overhead power lines. Their aluminium cables are used to get electricity from power stations to homes and businesses in the UAE and beyond.

OSE Industries: the future of aluminium

Aluminium makes modern transport possible. Aluminium tubes, made here in the UAE, are used in electric cars as part of systems for battery cooling.  OSE Industries is a UAE company using EGA’s metal to make these products for premium electrical car manufacturers

Gulf Extrusions: a regional pioneer

Aluminium makes modern cities possible. Gulf Extrusions, our longest-standing customer in the UAE, provides aluminium solutions to various sectors including construction and transportation.