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Guinea Alumina Corporation

Guinea Alumina Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EGA and is currently developing a bauxite mine and associated export facilities in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa in the first phase of our investment in the country. Bauxite is the ore from which aluminium is derived.

The project will create a new revenue stream for EGA, secure resources needed by the United Arab Emirates’ aluminium industry, and contribute to the development of Guinea's economy.

Guinea is the world’s largest bauxite resource holder, with more than a quarter of all bauxite resources worldwide located within its borders. Much of Guinea's bauxite is amongst the highest quality.

GAC's concession is in the Boké region of northwestern Guinea, close to existing mines that are operated by other companies.

Our project is one of the largest greenfield investments in Guinea and is contributing considerably to Guinea’s Gross Domestic Product by creating job opportunities directly and indirectly in the supply chain and the wider economy.

The construction workforce for our project reached 3,800 at peak. The permanent workforce during the operational phase will be about 350 with approximately a further 400 contractors.

Once steady-state operations are reached, bauxite production is expected to be approximately 12 million tonnes per year.

This will be transported by rail to the coast, using existing railway lines that are already used by other mines.

The project includes a rail spur to connect our mine to a nearby track, rail loops and an unloading yard in Kamsar, a well-established bauxite port, where we are also building our own export pier.

In 2016, we completed the construction of a container quay at Kamsar, which we are using to import equipment for our project and to export bauxite samples to potential customers.

We invest significantly in supporting the communities near our operations in Guinea in different areas including health, infrastructure, education and training.

Since 2014, GAC has trained, at the Boké Vocational Training Centre, almost 1,000 young people in skills that directly support our construction and mining activities, such as maintenance, welding, and electrical services. We have financed 40 micro-projects including small start-up businesses.

To learn more about our operations in Guinea, please visit the GAC website here.