EGA Technology

Pot Control Technology

EGA’s state-of-the-art Pot Control System utilises a Programmable Logic Controller (“PLC”) to control and monitor a group of pots in a Potline. The PLC is the heart of the system: it controls the breaking and feeding of pots, anode movement, noise control and AE quenching.

The PLC is standard off-the-shelf industrial hardware, using proprietary EGA-developed application software. It is connected to a field-mounted Human Machine Interface (“HMI”) to enable operator interaction during normal operations and upset conditions of the Pot. The HMI enables the operator to perform various routine operations and data entry of measured process data, and provides alarming, trending, pot status and maintenance information.

The Pot Control System is bundled with EGA’s proprietary iPOTS software program for remote monitoring and supervisory control of the pots.

iPOTS is used by potline operations personnel to monitor and control operational parameters in the pots. The default screen shows a group of pots or a whole potline at a glance. In addition to the pot information, iPOTS displays alarms and events and total voltage and amperage of the potline.

iPOTS allows operators to view the status, statistics (history), trace, graphs, constant parameters and reports at pot, section and potline level. In addition, iPOTS also allows operators to modify pot control parameters for a single pot, or a range of pots.