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Embedding sustainability in everything we do

Aluminium’s use plays an essential role in improving transport efficiencies, reducing energy consumption and global greenhouse gas emissions, improving product longevity and reducing demand on natural resources.

We recognise that making products that help meet social and environmental challenges is not enough. It also matters how responsibly those products are made. At Emirates Global Aluminium, we aim to embed sustainability in everything we do and aspire to be measured amongst the world’s most responsible metals and mining companies.

The production of aluminium is not without its challenges. Amongst others these include land-use change required for mining activities, the production of high volumes of waste during alumina refining, the energy intensity of the smelting process and the associated emissions. All need rigorous, robust and innovative management to ensure responsible production of aluminium.

Strong corporate governance, a focus on environmental performance and a commitment to making positive contributions to society are all part of our culture at EGA. But there are always improvements we can make.

We are committed to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Our roadmap addresses each of the six main sources of our greenhouse gas emissions plus nature-based sequestration for the final emissions that are likely to remain unavoidable. Increased recycling will also play a role in reducing the carbon intensity of our metal.

We are aligning our corporate sustainability approach to performance standards developed specifically for our industry through the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI).

ASI provides an international consensus on what constitutes best practice in the production of aluminium and its use. The ASI Performance Standards have been developed through a global, multi-stakeholder standard setting process with input from companies operating throughout the aluminium value chain and from public consultation. The standards address sustainability issues all the way from bauxite mining to the production of consumer products made with aluminium, on three key fronts, Environment, Social and Governance.

In 2017 we became the first Middle East headquartered company to join ASI and and in 2019 we achieved the first Middle East ASI Performance Standards certification for our smelting and casting facilities in Al Taweelah. Our Jebel Ali facilities were certified in 2021. EGA’s bauxite mining subsidiary, Guinea Alumina Corporation, achieved the first certification in Guinea in 2023.