EGA Water

Potable Water

To ensure the highest quality, DUBAL's Seawater Desalination Operation was the first such plant in the world to implement a potable water disinfection system to minimise the risk of producing potentially harmful disinfection by products (“DBPs”). DUBAL's potable water meets the Dubai Municipality and World Health Organisation (“WHO”) drinking water quality requirements. Our extensive network of customers uses DUBAL's potable water for producing bottled water, domestic use, various industrial applications and others.

Potable water is delivered through pipelines to some of our customers. Large numbers of our customers are served through our unique and largest-of-its-kind Tanker Water Filling Station, where a very substantial number of tankers are served daily.

Our water products may be supplied through pipeline, if the customer's location permits the laying down of pipes. Alternatively, it may be transported by tanker: potable water is supplied through the Tanker Water Filling Station located adjacent to DUBAL; and distilled water is supplied directly from the Desalination Plant.

Typical Quality of Potable water
pH 7.9 to 8.5
Conductivity 50 to 300 ms/cm
TDS 25 to 150 mg/l
Total Alkalinity 25 to 65 mg/l as CaCO3
Total Hardness 25 to 70 mg/l as CaCO3
Calcium Hardness 25 to 65 mg/l as CaCO3
Magnesium Hardness < 15 mg/l as CaCO3
Chloride < 50 mg/l as Cl
Sulphate < 3 mg/l as SO4