EGA Water

High Purity Distilled Water

Through excellence in operating practices, maintenance and a well-equipped laboratory we can offer distilled water of extremely high purity, unequalled in the region. Some of the applications of this product by our customers include food processing, perfumeries, boilers feed water and in the production of medical grade water.

Distilled water is supplied through pipelines to some of our customers. Other customers are supplied through a dedicated tanker filling point located at DUBAL’s Desalination Plant.

Typical Quality of Distilled Water
pH 6.3 to 6.7
Conductivity < 2.0 ms/cm
Total Hardness <  0.5 mg/l as CaCO3
Chloride <  0.5 mg/l as Cl
Total Alkalinity <  0.5 mg/l as CaCO3
Iron < 0.02 mg/l as Fe
Copper < 0.03 mg/l as Cu
Nickel < 0.01 mg/l as Ni
Oxygen < 0.01 mg/l as O2
Silica < 0.005 mg/l as SiO2