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Once, people could be heard only as far as they could shout.

Today we can make instant connections with anybody on earth, using electronic devices that contain aluminium.

Making modern connections possible

The United Arab Emirates has more mobile phones than people. More than twice as many in fact. And we spend a lot of time using them to stay in touch with people at home and around the world. Every time we use a mobile phone, a computer or any other electronic device, we are using aluminium.

Aluminium is used to carry power and information through semiconductor chips, the ‘brains’ of our electronic devices.


Aluminium is a better conductor of electricity than steel and is three times lighter than copper. That is why it is increasingly used for high voltage transmission lines bringing power to our homes, so we can recharge our mobile phones.

Aluminium alloys are often used in communications satellites because they can withstand the radiation and pull of gravity in the Earth’s orbit.


EGA’s aluminium makes modern life possible in many other ways too

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