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The UAE aluminium sector

Emirates Global Aluminium supplies almost all the United Arab Emirates' primary aluminium needs and we are the heart of a growing broader aluminium sector.

The development of EGA, which began in the 1970s, has taken the UAE from no aluminium production to the fifth largest aluminium producing nation in the world.

We are the only producer of primary aluminium in the country.

Today one tonne in every 25 tonnes of aluminium produced worldwide is made by EGA in the UAE.

Around 10 per cent of EGA’s production is sold domestically in the UAE.

Some 26 downstream companies make products in the UAE using EGA’s aluminium. Their output includes construction materials, parts for transportation systems, cabling, cookware products and decorative materials.

EGA’s aluminium has been used in iconic buildings and projects in the UAE including Burj Khalifa and Dubai Metro.

In 2016 EGA began supplying customers in Al Taweelah with hot liquid metal. Receiving molten metal eliminates the need for customers to use high energy to re-melt it before use. This saves both costs and emissions.