Dr. Ali Al Zarouni

Executive Vice President, Midstream Operations

Dr. Ali Al Zarouni has been in charge of EGA’s Midstream Operations since 2016. He is also responsible for the Company’s Technology Development and Transfer.

Dr. Al Zarouni has 26 years of experience having joined DUBAL in 1991 as a graduate trainee in the potrooms. He rose through the ranks to become Vice President: Smelter Operations in 2008,making him a member of DUBAL’s executive management team.

During his career Dr. Al Zarouni has been involved in all of DUBAL’s major expansion projects and holds extensive knowledge and expertise in the aluminium smelting industry.

He conceptualised and implemented amperage creep projects that enabled DUBAL to increase its hot metal production by 15% to 30% across different technologies with minimal investment.

He assumed responsibility for DUBAL’s Technology Development & Transfer department in 2011 and launched the development of DUBAL’s in-house high-amperage DX and DX+ reduction cell technologies. He also played a lead role in the development of the next generation DX+ Ultra reduction cell technology.