EGA Technology

Technology Transfer


The cost/tonne to construct a smelter incorporating DX+ Technology and/or DX+ Ultra Technology is highly competitive when compared to other technologies, while the construction period is also significantly shorter. Dependability, prolonged pot life and improved workforce output further contribute to reduced operating expenditure and lower total cost of ownership. These factors, together with increased productivity, improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact, mean that DX+ Technology and DX+ Ultra Technology provide truly sustainable solutions.

Importantly, EGA has the capability to supply complete end-to-end smelter solutions, comprising advanced bankable technology, engineering, project development, long-term raw material supplies, a worldwide marketing and sales network, training and award-winning operational excellence.

EGA also provides comprehensive support to each project where its technologies are deployed. Experienced support teams are seconded to projects, and an engineering package of more than 800 documents – including manuals, drawings and training – is provided as part of EGA’s Technology License Agreement for DX+ Technology and DX+ Ultra Technology.

Each agreement is tailor-made to client requirements. It includes training of supervisory and non-supervisory personnel, as well as on-site services by EGA advisors during the engineering, construction, start-up and early operational phases.

In addition, fully-developed potline and pot management solutions based on EGA’s innovative pot control systems are installed with EGA Technology cells; thereby eliminating dependence on other technology suppliers to bring further capital- and operating expense benefits. The EGA pot control system can also be purchased independently, for retrofit to other pot technologies.

The transfer of DX Technology and DX+ Technology for EMAL Phases I and II respectively played an instrumental role in synergising the UAE’s two major aluminium giants and their integration to become EGA. Other smelters have also shown interest in DUBAL technologies, with DX+ Technology initially selected by Aluminium Bahrain (“Alba”) in December 2012 for its Line 6 Bankable Feasibility Study; and the choice upgraded to DX+ Ultra Technology in February 2016.