EGA Technology

History of Development

From inception in 1979, EGA has been committed to continuous innovation in the aluminium smelting process so as to produce the world's best quality aluminium products, made-to-order and delivered direct to customers, while achieving maximum operating efficiencies.

This is reflected in our quest to use in-house technology to advance and perfect our processes with a view to achieving higher production volumes, improved current efficiencies and environmental benefits. The results constitute a long history of successful technology development and industrial implementation: the first five test cells were commissioned just eleven years after DUBAL was commissioned in 1979.

Ongoing investments in extensive laboratory research and experimentation are directed by a dedicated Technology Development & Transfer department, which has been mandated to innovate continuously, resulting in improved technology and client service. Efforts are focused on improving the operating performance of EGA’s reduction cell technologies to ensure ever more efficient, cost-effective operations.


EGA Jebel Ali has been involved in technology development for more than 20 years with
100 per cent UAE-based development.

EGA History of Development


Each advance in reduction technology has brought greater production capacity per pot.