EGA Sustainability

Fulfilling Our Corporate Responsibilities

Sustainable development is about ensuring that the business remains viable and contributes long-term benefits to society through the consideration of social, environmental, and economic aspects in all that we do.

At EGA, we recognise the value that can be created by being a sustainable business. We adopt a holistic approach to our business strategy, seeking to realise value for all our stakeholders through a sustainable business philosophy.

As per the three pillars of sustainability, EGA endeavours to remain economically robust while protecting the environment and contributing to society. These aspirations are not only interwoven into our vision, strategic goals and day-to-day operations, but also enable continual improvement in our performance across all categories, despite any challenges we may face.

Department managers have ultimate accountability for ensuring our contribution to sustainable development and move towards our goal of “zero harm to people and the environment”. This is implemented through a number of processes, such as our Environment, Health and Safety (“EHS”) management standards and our Balanced Scorecard (“BSC”) system.