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Aluminium smelting is energy-intensive. This means producing more aluminium with less energy is a commercial and environmental imperative for EGA.

We have our own natural gas-fired power plants at both Jebel Ali and Al Taweelah to provide electricity for our operations.

We focus both on producing electricity as efficiently as possible, and reducing the amount of electricity we use in our smelting operations.

Our research and technology development focuses on reducing the amount of energy required to produce each tonne of aluminium.

Our technology development over more than 25 years, and earlier work since 1980, has reduced the amount of electricity required to produce each tonne of aluminium by 37.5 per cent.

Energy consumed during the smelting process with our latest technology is amongst the lowest in the industry.

We also focus on reducing energy consumption in other areas of our operations.

One example is Earth Hour, which EGA has participated in annually since 2008. Inspired by this global initiative, EGA now switches off non-essential electrical devices for an hour every week. This saves modest but measurable amounts of electricity while also continuously reminding us that we can conserve energy every day at work and at home.