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We are committed to the wellbeing of our staff, our partners, our neighbours and the communities in which we operate. We believe in the fair and equitable treatment of all people, everywhere.

Happiness and well-being of our people

We aim to attract and retain top-quality candidates by being an employer of choice. We also focus on attracting the most capable people and offering them the opportunity for continuous career development. Employee welfare ranks very highly on our agenda and we invest heavily in the well-being, development and reward of all our employees

Health & Safety

Safety is the first priority for everyone at EGA, regardless of their role in the organisation. Zero harm to our staff, contractors and neighbours is the only acceptable target. We believe safety processes and procedures alone are not enough. We work hard to instil a culture of safety throughout our organisation, from the top management to the shop floor.

All our operations work to a robust Health and Safety management system developed in accordance with ISO 45001. Our senior management takes on the responsibility of shaping and helping to maintain an inherent culture of safety at EGA, whilst our in-house safety teams continuously gather data to help identify key hazards on our sites and systematically eliminate them from our operations

Engaging Communities

We don’t just make Aluminium. We are accountable to the communities in which we operate and work for a net positive impact for society. Our CSR activities in the UAE include a focus on self-sufficiency and educational programmes. We contribute towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics outreach and job readiness programmes.
In Guinea, we have invested in community-based projects that address areas such as capacity building in youth, and agricultural development. These community investment projects aim to contribute to poverty reduction through equitable access to basic social services and aim to strengthen the technical and operational capacities of our neighbouring communities. We have also introduced adult literacy programs, provided medical centres, training for young farmers and infrastructure such as solar powered water irrigation pumps.

Human Rights

One of our core commitments at EGA is respecting fundamental human rights of our employees, those in our value chain, and the communities in which we operate.

Our strength lies in the talent and diversity of our people and we respect the rights and dignity of our employees and contractors. We promote an inclusive workplace that respects cultural differences and will not tolerate harassment or discrimination.

We prohibit the use of child and forced labour. We actively monitor our supply chain to ensure the rights of the people we work with are upheld and insist that our suppliers commit to EGA’s values and principles.