EGA Partners

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

EGA seeks to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with customers. This is achieved by the consistent and reliable delivery of the highest quality products, coupled with customer-oriented services, which include:

  • Access to technical support that is geared towards assessing a customer’s individual requirements, and developing tailor-made service solutions.
  • Customised products.
  • Client consultations.
  • Technical experts who assess processes and offer recommendations for operational improvements.
  • Specialist technical guidance on casting and plant start-ups provided by experienced metallurgist experts who travel to individual markets to deliver technical seminars.
  • A Customer Portal that enables customers to track the status of their orders online - from production through to distribution.
  • Products being handled and shipped according to customer’s needs.
  • Tracking of aluminium prices, and downloading market reports and documents.
  • A drive to provide transparency and improve internal efficiencies.
  • Support from a designated Sales Manager.
  • Response to customer complaints within 24 hours.