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Building a knowledge economy

Take a look on the first-ever international transfer of UAE-developed industrial technology

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Learning on the Job

Muhammad Sardar has spent 40 years at EGA and has never stopped learning

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A generation comes of age

EGA’s youth council is stepping up to the challenge of leadership.

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Supply chain excellence

Raeda Alzarooni ensures that EGA aluminium reaches as swiftly, safely and efficiently as possible

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Turning waste into value

How EGA is leading to turn a by-product of alumina production into a valuable resource.

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Keeping the power On

Tayeb Al Awadhi ensures that there is a reliable supply of electricity to support production.

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The digital twin explained

Building a virtual replica of an industrial plant is a complex and ever-evolving task

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The American Dream

Missouri-based Emirati Adel Abubakar explains how he developed EGA’s stateside expansion.

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Rising to the top

 Najeeba Al Jabri explains how she succeeds at work without sacrificing time with her family.

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Building a circular economy

EGA is working hard to productive uses for its waste which create economic value and environmental dividends

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Fit for work

Promoting workforce health and wellness is critical for success, especially during COVID-19

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The first of many… firsts

As a Project Director of a new highly-efficient power block - Mohammad Albastaki has chalked up a number of firsts.

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Minding our own business

EGA had been working to elevate mental wellbeing as a priority health-and-safety issue in the workplace.

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The sky is no limit

Wafa’s job is to ensure EGA’s customers receive exactly the metal they need, with the right chemical and mechanical properties for the application in which it will be used.

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Designing EGA’s purpose for the future

Fahima Badri, who leads brand and visual communications at Emirates Global Aluminium, studied at one of the world’s most renowned art institutions, the Rhode Island School of Design. 

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Water, water, are you there?

As Acting Manager of Industrial Health & Hygiene at Emirates Global Aluminium, and manager of the company’s Beat the Heat programme, staying hydrated is, in many ways, part of the job. 

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The power of ideas

In 1981, there is one suggestion that Kalachoor Narayanan Nair Raghunathan will always remember.

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Blazing the trail forward on Emirati Women’s Day

EGA is targeting 25 per cent women in supervisory roles by 2025. Najeeba Al Jabri and Shaikha Al Shehhi were female pioneers in their technical fields.


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A family of smelters

Sergey Akhmetov’s passion for aluminium smelting began when he was just a boy, growing up in Siberia.

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Learning to unlock the genius

A lifelong love of uncovering hidden talents has enabled Jacqui Roberts to develop, grow and inspire others.

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Scaling the heights

Mother of two operates Guinea Alumina Corporation’s stacker-reclaimer – one of the largest pieces of mining equipment on the African continent

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