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Our approach

Emirates Global Aluminium directly and indirectly creates tens of thousands of jobs in the United Arab Emirates and internationally.

We aim to be the industrial employer of choice in the countries where we operate.

As the UAE’s aluminium industry has grown, so has the range of roles and career paths. We are proud to offer diverse professional opportunities as a leading industrial company and part of the nation’s modern, increasingly diversified economy.

The UAE aluminium sector supports over 60,000 jobs. This is one-in-100 jobs in the country. Including over 6,500 who work at EGA.

We have focused on the development of our people for decades.

EGA’s workforce includes well over 1,000 UAE Nationals, as part of our contribution to the national goal of harnessing the full potential of the UAE’s human capital.

EGA's workforce includes over 1,200 UAE Nationals, more than 800 of whom are under the age of 35 years old. Our in-focus Emiratisation rate at the end of 2022 was 42 per cent.

EGA is also pioneering the role of women in heavy industry in the country.

Women of all nationalities currently hold around 20 per cent of supervisory positions at EGA in the UAE, working at all levels in our Operations and corporate functions. Two members of EGA’s Executive Committee are women, and EGA employs more than 400 women around the world.

We are targeting 25 per cent of supervisory positions in the UAE to be held by women by 2025 and 15 per cent of all positions by 2026.

EGA is a partner of Aurora50, a UAE initiative to build the pipeline of women with the required experience for board-level positions. Six positions on subsidiary boards within EGA are held by women.

The EGA Women’s Network is a forum for women at all levels of the company to share their achievements and challenges, and to develop and grow.

As a company operating in a heavy industry, EGA is a particularly significant employer of professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics related disciplines.

We employ more than 1,500 professionals in these fields, including some 500 UAE Nationals. We also sponsor education in science, technology, education and mathematics, amongst other disciplines, as well as delivering internal training.

In an industry where competitiveness is driven by continuous improvement, EGA has long placed a premium on retaining valuable talent.

The fact that over 600 employees have worked for EGA and its predecessor companies for at least 25 years demonstrates this, and every year we celebrate the staff who reach this milestone.