Corporate Profile

Guinea Alumina Corporation S.A. (“GAC”), a wholly Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”) owned mining development company, is currently focused on advancing its bauxite and alumina export project in the Republic of Guinea. The decision to invest in Guinea is a key component in the EGA strategy of upstream security – Guinea is rich in mineral resources including iron ore, bauxite, diamonds and gold; and the country is home to over 7 billion tonnes of bauxite reserves (equivalent to 27 per cent of the world total). Moreover, Guinean bauxite is amongst the highest quality in the world – particularly in terms of high alumina grade and low silica levels – and is thus highly sought after by the international market. Importantly, the GAC project centers on a high quality, export grade bauxite deposit in excess of 1.3 billion tonnes – the concession being located in the Boké region of north-western Guinea at the heart of the country’s bauxite reserves.

  • The GAC project will be transformational for Guinea, which to date has had only one significant export mine since its independence. The benefits of the project for Guinea include:
  • The GAC bauxite mine will be Guinea’s second major bauxite mine, which will improve the positioning of Guinea on world markets.
  • Development of the commercial quay at Port Kamsar, which was completed in 2016, will unlock other regional opportunities for bauxite and agricultural exports, as well as material imports. It will provide a pillar and catalyst for the development of the Boké corridor as an alternative to the Conakry Port.
  • The investment will increase Guinea’s visibility and improve international perception and business indices.
  • A 10% GDP contribution.
  • Training and up-skilling of Guinean employees at EGA’s UAE operations for subsequent redeployment in Guinea