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Building a future for children with autism

EGA donates aluminium worth AED 547,000 to the Dubai Autism Center as part of long-term support for autism causes

United Arab Emirates, 08 April 2015: To support the educational needs of children with autism in the UAE, Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”) has donated 60 tonnes of aluminium towards the construction of a new custom-built facility for the Dubai Autism Center (“DAC”). A long-term supporter of autism causes, EGA has worked with the Center through its subsidiary Dubai Aluminium (“DUBAL”) since 2009, providing funding for treatment and equipment as well as supporting DAC’s annual autism awareness drive.

EGA’s donation equates to a value of AED 547,000 in building material, which will be used in 52 doors, 3,640 square metres of curtain walling and 6,115 square metres of aluminium cladding. EGA also played an instrumental role in engaging UAE aluminium downstream industry players in the manufacture of the end products. Gulf Extrusion, Technical Glass and Aluminium, Emirates Glass and Gutman joined forces with EGA to donate the production processes and other materials to produce the doors, windows and curtain walls.

“Although we have supported DAC for many years, this initiative is particularly significant as we are using our own product to help build a new future for the Center,” said Khalid Buhumaid (Senior Vice President, Communication & Government Relations). “To EGA, corporate social responsibility extends beyond financial donations. We endeavour also to leverage our resources wherever possible to get to the heart of a cause and make a tangible difference.”

Mohamed Al Emadi (Managing Director and Member of the Board at DAC) added, “We cannot thank EGA enough for its support over the years and commend the company for continuously encouraging community support among its employees. The contributions that EGA has made to DAC have played a crucial role in our expansion; helping us to achieve our mission of improving the lives of children with autism.”

In 2014, EGA employees raised AED 250,000 for autism facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi through a company-wide charity campaign entitled “Their passion… our support”, which centred on internal fundraising initiatives. A substantial portion of the money went to DAC and was put towards the costs of building the new Center.

Coincident with Autism Month, EGA will again host an internal charity campaign for the coming year in April, with the funds raised being donated to local autism charities.