Technology licencing

In 2016, Emirates Global Aluminium became the first Emirati industrial company to licence its process technology internationally.

EGA's technology is competitive in productivity, energy efficiency, environmental performance, construction costs and cell life.

We explore opportunities to licence our technology to other companies, creating new revenue streams for EGA.

Licencing agreements include engineering, project development support, start-up assistance and performance demonstration.

Aluminium Bahrain was the first company to select EGA's in-house developed technology, to use at its new Potline 6.

Aluminium Bahrain has received an engineering package that includes manuals, drawings and training materials. We also provide support services onsite from an experienced team.   

EGA uses advanced in-house developed pot control software to monitor and manage the aluminium smelting cells at our smelters.

This technology enables cell operators to get all the information they need at our pot lines to  maximise metal production, and reduce energy consumption and environmental emissions.

The pot control system controls the alumina feeding of cells, anode movement, voltage oscillation and anode effect suppression. (Anode effect occurs when alumina concentration in the bath is very low which  produces high cell voltage and emissions of greenhouse gases).

We use standard programmable logic controller hardware in our pot control system, supplied by automation equipment manufacturers.

EGA's innovative pot control system is integral to EGA's smelting technology and is part of our licencing agreements.

Our pot control system is also available independently for retrofit to other pot technologies.