Industrialisation and economic diversification

Emirates Global Aluminium is the largest industrial company in the United Arab Emirates outside oil and gas. For nearly 40 years, we have played an important role in the country’s industrialisation and economic diversification.

EGA makes a substantial contribution to the economic diversification goals of 'UAE Vision 2021' through our own production, growing supply to UAE downstream companies and spending in the local supply chain.

EGA accounts for 4 per cent of the world’s primary aluminium production and almost half of the production from the GCC.

EGA’s aluminium is the largest made-in-the UAE export by value after oil and gas.

Although our supply chain is global, on average Emirates Global Aluminium spends around $1 billion per year in the United Arab Emirates on goods and services to support our capital projects and operations, including on energy. This is about 40 per cent of EGA’s total spending.

Over the years EGA’s local sourcing has significantly contributed to the development of Emirati engineering and supply companies, and attracted international supply chain companies to the UAE, further supporting the UAE’s economic growth and capabilities.

Each year, we deliver billions of dollars in export revenue to the UAE through sales to more than 60 countries in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and North Africa and Asia.

EGA uses 20 different shipping lines to ship aluminium to over 70 global ports. Just within the United Arab Emirates, our product shipments account for 90,000 truck movements each year between our smelters, UAE ports and domestic customers.

Our core business is aluminium smelting in the UAE. Today EGA is expanding upstream and internationally into bauxite mining and alumina refining to create a vertically integrated industrial champion.