Industrialisation and economic diversification

Emirates Global Aluminium is the largest industrial company in the United Arab Emirates outside oil and gas. For nearly 40 years, we have played an important role in the country’s industrialisation and economic diversification.

EGA accounts for 4 per cent of the world’s primary aluminium production and almost half of the production from the GCC.

EGA makes a substantial contribution to the economic diversification goals of ‘UAE Vision 2021’ through our own production, our growing supply to UAE downstream companies and spending in the local supply chain.

An economic impact analysis commissioned by EGA found that the UAE aluminium sector, with EGA at its heart, generates more than $5 billion annually in the UAE economy - 1.4 per cent of total Gross Domestic Product or 1.8 per cent of the non-oil economy.

The analysis considered the ‘direct impact’ of EGA’s own activity and that of the UAE companies that make products using EGA’s metal, the ‘indirect impact’ of activity stimulated by the sector’s purchase of goods and services from UAE suppliers, and the ‘induced impact’ of the spending of wages earned by workers in the sector in the UAE economy, such as on housing and leisure.

According to the analysis, for every $1 of GDP generated by the aluminium sector itself, a further US $1.26 of activity is supported elsewhere in the UAE economy.

The UAE aluminium sector is estimated to support over 60,000 jobs. This is one-in-100 jobs in the country. For every individual working in the aluminium sector itself, a further five workers are supported in other parts of the UAE economy.