Commercial success

Our primary goal is to deliver financial returns acceptable to our shareholders.

With a strong track record of delivering solid financial performance, our returns have consistently been above those of many industry peers.

Over the past four financial years Emirates Global Aluminium has generated over $2.7 billion of net income.

EGA’s decades of smelter technology development, as well as continuous focus on operational improvement, have enabled us to increase our production while driving down our costs and  reducing our emissions.

EGA’s power plants are amongst the most efficient in the Middle East and globally, reducing our energy costs.

EGA is one of the largest producers in the world of value added products or ‘premium aluminium’. 

About 80 per cent of EGA’s production is value-added products.

This is one of the highest proportions of any aluminium company and means that EGA is a global industry leader in creating additional value from its primary aluminium.