Mohamed Hassan Alsuwaidi

Alternate Board Member

Mohamed Hassan Alsuwaidi has served as an alternate board member of EGA since 2017.

Mr. Alsuwaidi has served on the Technical and Projects Committee since 2014, the Board of GAC since 2015, and on the Human Capital Committee and Finance and Commercial Committee since 2017.

Mr. Alsuwaidi is the Director of Manufacturing at Mubadala Investment Company. He has held various investment management positions at Mubadala for over 10 years in sectors including Real Estate, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Utilities, Technology, Metals, Mining and Agriculture.

Prior to joining Mubadala, Mr. Alsuwaidi held positions at Union National Bank, Abu Dhabi Ship Building and the General Secretariat of Abu Dhabi Executive Council.

Mr. Alsuwaidi also serves on the Boards of Aramex Logistics Company and Mubadala ReInsurance. He has previously served as a Board member of Muharaq STP in Bahrain, Suyadi CPC plant in China and Almanhal Development Company.

Mr. Alsuwaidi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from UAE University.