Emirates Global Aluminium’s response to COVID-19

At EGA we are doing all we practicably can to ensure that our people stay safe, that we can continue to supply the metal that the world needs, and that our business maintains its resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

EGA is a vital industrial company and foundation of both the United Arab Emirates’ and Guinea’s economy. Because of the current pandemic, hundreds of EGA employees are working from home. However mining bauxite, producing power, refining alumina, and smelting and casting aluminium can only be done by dedicated teams working on-site protected by careful and responsible precautions.

We are closely following the guidelines of the UAE and Guinean Government authorities and have a senior team managing our response to COVID-19.

EGA has implemented extensive measures to protect our workforce from COVID-19, with most roles unable to be performed from home. This has included changing some ways of working and expanding EGA-administered accommodation.

In the UAE, our Medical Centres are permanently staffed with 63 doctors, nurses and other personnel who are working day and night to keep our people safe. In response to COVID-19, EGA has deployed two additional dedicated medical teams specifically focused on carrying out frequent COVID-19 testing for every employee and contractor working on an EGA site in the UAE since the start of the pandemic.

In the Republic of Guinea, at our subsidiary Guinea Alumina Corporation, we have almost doubled our medical team to support and care for our staff. We are also working with authorities to provide neighbouring communities with vital information about protections measures and well as with hygiene equipment they need. We have also focused on quarantine measures to protect its workforce supported by COVID-19 testing to gain access to GAC sites.

We have implemented social distancing policies in all our offices, operations and facilities, including buses, in both the UAE and Guinea. We restricted meetings and international business travel, and put in place temperature measurements and hand washing for personnel entering our sites.

We have also conducted extensive employee education on COVID-19 prevention measures, and have stepped up the cleaning and sanitisation at all of our sites.

EGA has also began a voluntary vaccination programme at both its Al Taweelah and Jebel Ali sites in the UAE in January 2021, with wide take-up amongst both employees and contractors. COVID-19 infection rates at EGA have been on average significantly below the reported rates for the populations as a whole in both the UAE and Guinea since early in the pandemic.

We are grateful to our thousands of employees and contractors – whether they are working at home, are at their posts on an EGA site, or providing medical care - for their determination and responsibility during this unprecedented time.