EGA has adopted the recycle-reuse-reduce philosophy to minimise waste generation and has an on-going aim of zero process waste to landfill.

We believe that there is no waste that is not recyclable over the long-term. We just need to find the right economically-viable recycling solution. Often this involves other industries, as the by-products of one industrial process can be the feedstock for another.

Over 80 per cent of the waste we generate at Jebel Ali is recycled, as is over half of the waste at Al Taweelah.

Spent pot lining, the used inner linings of vats in which aluminium is smelted, is a by-product of our industry and is an example of our approach in action.

Globally, the aluminium industry produces more than one million tonnes of spent pot lining each year according to industry experts, and much is stored indefinitely.

EGA has supplied spent pot lining to UAE cement plants since 2010 for use as a feedstock.

In 2016, over 37,000 tonnes of EGA’s spent pot lining was used in the UAE cement industry, more than EGA’s average annual production.

EGA aims in the longer term to re-use all its spent pot lining in the UAE. We are safely storing excess spent pot lining already produced for eventual economic use and engage in some exports to other countries.

Bauxite residue is a waste that will be generated by our Al Taweelah alumina refinery once it is operational.

Our research and development team is working on a range of potential uses and practical recycling solutions for this bauxite residue.

While there have been hundreds of ideas published and patents filed on this topic over many years, the key challenge globally has been to make these solutions safe, sustainable and commercially viable.

Meanwhile EGA is developing a dedicated and carefully managed site to store this bauxite residue at a location about 30 kilometers from the coast elsewhere in KIZAD. Our bauxite residue will be stored in a dry form, in line with the current best available storage solution for bauxite residue worldwide.