As the largest company in the United Arab Emirates outside of oil and gas, Emirates Global Aluminium is as much a part of the fabric of this great nation as the buildings, landmarks and all the other tremendous things that make the UAE what it is today.

We are proud of our contribution to our country, but we also want to celebrate everything in the UAE that makes you proud.

What can you do?

We want as many people as possible to tell us what they are most proud of in the UAE. It can be a personal contribution, or an achievement of the country itself. It can be a landmark you love, or the achievements of a particular person. It can be big or small, personal or public. Anything you have experienced in your daily life that makes you proud to be part of the UAE.

With your campaign entry you also stand to win any of the below prizes:

In the end we plan to collate all the posts people share to show there are hundreds and thousands of things to be proud of in the UAE.

How to do it:

Upload an image or video to Instagram and tell us about your UAE Pride using one or both of our campaign hashtags #OurMetal  &  هذا_معدننا#