Building the supply chain

An effective, responsive and sustainable local supply chain is essential to the continued success of our business.

We work with a wide range of suppliers, and a substantial proportion of our annual operating budget is dedicated to paying our contractors and suppliers for the raw materials, parts, equipment and services they provide.

Although our supply chain is global, on average Emirates Global Aluminium spends around $1 billion per year in the United Arab Emirates on goods and services to support our capital projects and operations, including on energy. This is about 40 per cent of EGA’s total spending.

Over the years EGA’s local sourcing has significantly contributed to the development of Emirati engineering and supply companies, and attracted international supply chain companies to the UAE, further supporting the UAE’s economic growth and capabilities.

To ensure effective expenditure, we have rigorous tendering processes and stringent inventory control.

We value open and transparent communications with all our suppliers to ensure full understanding of our business requirements and organisational needs. We also conduct regular compliance audits.